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business loans

Whether it is to acquire a new business, buy into a partnership or some equity release to help fund business growth, the experienced team at Alecto Finance can assist to ensure that the process of obtaining a business loan is a hassle free experience.

Business loans can either be unsecured or secured facilities.

Examples of business loan facilities include:

Goodwill or practice purchase loan

A goodwill loan is used to facilitate the purchase of an existing business or practice. The facility is usually secured by value of the business. This type of loan can be used to purchase a business outright, or shares within an existing practice or business. 

Equity release

To help facilitate business growth or for cashflow reasons, or to assist in retirement or diversification of investments, some business owners will elect to release some of the equity from the business that they have built. The value of the business is used as security for this type of loan.

Pharmacy loans

There are specific lending policies with regards to lending to pharmacy owners, in order to assist with the acquisition, renovation or fitout of a new pharmacy. 

Franchise financing

Funding for the purchase of certain franchises, encompassing the initial franchise fee, equipment and fitout is available for certain accredited franchise groups.

Cashflow lending

Secured or unsecured facility based on the turnover of the business. Can be used to assist in whatever wothwhile business purpose, including paying out ATO Debt.

Debtor finance

Turn outstanding invoices into cash to meet today's cash needs. This type of finance can greatly assist business growth.

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