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Skin Cancer Clinic - Sydney

*        Sale of Premises - $630,000

*        Sale of Business - $200,000

*        Non DWS and RRMA 1

The owner wishes to continue working a minimum of one day a week (or two morning sessions) until retirement. He will continue on 50% of takings or $1000 per day ($500 per morning session), whichever is the greater.

 An ideal buyer for this business is someone in their late thirties or early forties who has been in General Practice for a number of years and wants to run their own profitable business. There is also potential to run a two-doctor practice as the premises are configured for two doctors, and subletting is also a possibility.

It's the perfect for someone who wants their own practice for the next 10 years or more. Presently a four day week with no after-hours or weekends. Essential to have a SCCA Diploma level equivalent or above, or working towards one; or to have extensive skin cancer experience. Privately owned practice for over 15 years – single practitioner. Established patient database with over 15,000 patients and busy patient load. Substantial private billing component. Full nurse support. Receptionist for admin; fully computerized

 Owner is 60+ yrs old and looking to transition gradually out of practice. He is not in any hurry and can remain there for the next 2 yrs to train and support someone coming through. He bought the premises with his SMSF and it is nearly paid off as he has been paying a little higher rent. His preference is to lease it to get an income whilst he is retired but if the only way a GP will buy the business is to buy the building, then he will sell. It is 84 metre squared office and the rent is $1100 per week rent or $57,200 pa + GST + on costs. There are 2x car spaces included in the building. 

 There is no paper used, all electronic, uses BP. No path onsite, and doesn't need to do over servicing so if the results are OK, he'll just get the admin to call the pts back with the news.  

 His gross billings are about $2,500 per day as a lot of the work is privately billed. He only BB pensioners and DVA card holders. 

 The owner is currently working 4 days a week, closed Wed and no weekends. The St George's public and private hospitals are nearby so really in a health hub surrounded by a lot of health professionals and allied health providers. 

 For 9 months of the year this practitioner is busy, less so over winter. Sees about 30 pts a day, only taking about 6-10 mins to do a skin check. There is not much money in the consults, the procedural work is where he makes his money. He does all of the flaps work and excisions in the tx rm.  There are 2x treatment rooms onsite, each one attached with an inter-leading door to the CR.  Also, there is a nurse room where stitches can be removed. He is booked out about 2 wks in advance. He chooses not to do a lot of aesthetic med there but it could have one GP doing aesthetic pts and skin but not really a need for someone to do straight GP work as there is a GP at the end of the corridor plus another group practice not far away. 

 Pt annual reminders are sent yearly and some pts he sees every 3 months. He has lots of repeat pts and about 15 new pts every week. He would give the associate the new pts and keep the existing pts that he has a strong relationship with. 

 He has a trust set up to pay all of the MC expenses but it has had this structure only for the last 12 months. Before that he had a service entity set up to pay for the MC. 

 The owner wishes to sell the business to a doctor who would initially work as an assistant for a few months as a trial. If it was mutually agreeable, the doctor would buy the practice and the current owner would continue working there for a day or a couple of sessions a week until he wanted to retire completely. It was always his intention that he would keep the premises and the new doctor would pay rent as long as he owned the premises.

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