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Goodwill and Practice Purchase Loans

What is Goodwill?

Imagine the value of a business goes beyond its physical assets like furniture or equipment. That intangible value – its reputation, customer base, established processes – is known as goodwill.

What is Practice Purchase Loans?


These loans finance the purchase of an existing medical, dental, or veterinary practice. The loan amount can cover:

  • Purchase price of the practice: This includes the tangible assets (equipment, furniture) and the intangible value (goodwill).

Benefits of Goodwill/Practice Purchase Loans:

  • Finance the full purchase: With strong financials, you can potentially borrow up to 100% of the purchase price (subject to lender approval).

  • Security options: Goodwill and equipment can act as loan security, minimizing the need to use personal assets like your home.

  • Acquisition flexibility: Purchase a share of an existing practice or finance a full partnership buyout.

Important factors to consider:

  • Loan eligibility: Criteria may vary based on the practice's industry, financial performance, and your qualifications as a borrower.

  • Valuation: Accurately valuing goodwill is crucial for loan approval. Hiring a professional valuer might be necessary.

  • Exit strategy: Plan how you'll eventually exit the practice (selling, retirement) and factor in loan repayment into your long-term plan.

How a Finance Broker Can Help?

Navigating the complexities of goodwill/practice purchase loans is where a broker becomes your partner:

  • Loan Expertise: Brokers understand the intricacies of financing practice acquisitions, including goodwill valuation considerations.

  • Lender Network: They have access to a wider range of lenders offering competitive loan products tailored to your specific needs.

  • Streamlined Application: Brokers simplify the application process and guide you through the often-complex paperwork.

  • Negotiation: Their expertise allows them to negotiate favourable interest rates and loan terms on your behalf.

  • Industry Knowledge (Optional): Brokers with specialized knowledge in medical, dental, or veterinary professions can provide valuable industry-specific insights.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Required documents: The specific documents needed may vary, but generally include financial statements for both the practice and yourself, business plan, and tax returns. A broker can provide a detailed list.

  • Loan approval time: The timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the deal and lender processes, but typically takes 4-8 weeks.

  • Ongoing loan costs: Expect interest repayments on the loan amount, along with potential fees like loan establishment fees and ongoing valuation fees (if applicable).

Remember: Consulting with a qualified finance broker and lawyer is crucial before making any business ownership decisions.

Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature and does not constitute financial or legal advice. Please consult with our finance broker and lawyer specializing in business acquisitions for personalised guidance.

Don't feel overwhelmed by the loan market! We're here to make things easy. With our expertise, we'll guide you through the process step-by-step. Get personalized assistance and secure the perfect loan for your needs. Get your pre-approval today!

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