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Meet our award-winning team of experts

Our team of banking and finance experts specialise in mortgage broking, making the complex world of mortgages simpler for you. We'll help you find the ideal loan that fits your needs and aspirations.

Learn more about our brokers and how they assisted our clients in reaching their financial goals.

How Derek can overcome any loan challenge?

In this video, he will tell you how he makes the loan process stress-free for you and how he avoids the common pitfalls of getting rejected by the wrong lenders.

How James helps his clients grow from home buyers to business owners?

In this video, he will tell you how he works with experts to create a bubble of support around his clients. He will also share with you one of his favorite client stories, how he helped a client grow from a home buyer to a business owner.

How Lily aims to make property ownership possible for everyone?

In this video, she shares her story, her insights, and her advice for anyone looking to buy a property. 

How Peter can help you overcome debt and secure your future?

In this video, Peter shares a story about his client on how he helped them consolidate their debts, their house, and create a plan for the future.

With over 50 years of combined experience in banking and finance, the team at Alecto Finance has the expertise to help you find a customized loan that perfectly matches your requirements. Whether you're looking to acquire a new vehicle or equipment, furnish your office or practice, or secure a residential or commercial property, we can help you find the right loan for your needs.

John  Founder and Director vs. 02.png

John Domantay

Founder and Director

John embarked on his finance journey in 2003, commencing as a mortgage broker. Over the years, he gained valuable expertise in various financial roles, including asset finance provider, banker, and ultimately a relationship manager for Medfin, a specialized division of nab, where he skillfully handled a diverse portfolio of medical and allied health professionals.

Mike  Business Manager vs. 02.png

Mike Herman

Business Development Manager

Mike Herman started his finance journey in 1988 at Citibank and has since held various roles in different finance institutions. He worked as a relationship manager for Medfin, a specialized division of NAB, where he managed a portfolio of medical and allied health professionals. Recently, he concluded a tenure at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and the HR Institute (AHRI) .

Derek  Financial Broker vs. 02.png

Derek Milligan

Finance Broker

Derek embarked on his finance journey with a specific focus on addressing the areas within the industry that lacked expertise, specifically catering to the self-employed sector. As time passed, this targeted approach expanded to encompass commercial, investment, and construction finance.

James (1)_edited.png

James Missailidis

Finance Broker

James embarked on his journey in finance after completing his Bachelor of Business (HR) and realising that his passion for building and maintaining relationships, and supporting individuals in work environments, wasn't sufficient to fulfill his ambitions.

Peter  Financial Broker vs. 02.png

Peter Kennedy

Finance Broker

Peter started his career in financial services in the late 1980s, following in the footsteps of his father. He established his own financial services business in 2003, leveraging his qualifications as a mortgage broker and financial planner to assist numerous individuals in achieving home ownership, building investment portfolios, and managing their long-term financial affairs .

Lily Pang  Financial Broker vs. 03.png

Lily Pang

Finance Broker

Lily joined the Alecto team in June 2022, bringing her expertise fueled by a Masters degree in Applied Finance and a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking. She adeptly handles a wide array of deals, establishes connections with clients, grasps their objectives and aspirations, and fosters strong relationships. Additionally, she is fluent in Mandarin.

Jim  Office Manager vs. 03.png

Jim Yanevski

Office Manager

With over 25 years of experience in Aviation Operations, Jim has honed his expertise in stakeholder management and training and development. He possesses extensive skills in crisis management, having thrived in time-sensitive, deadline-focused environments while consistently prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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