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commercial loans

The team at Alecto Finance have many years experience working for or laising with commercial lenders and are able to assist in securing the most appropriate loan for your specific needs. We always aim to negotiate not only the most competitive rate but also the most favourable terms possible.

Though the majority of commercial lenders will lend up to 70% of the value of the commercial property, some specialist lenders are able to lend up to 100% of the value of the property.

Commercial loans are secured by commercial property, such as clinics, office suites or factories and warehouses. 

Variable rate loan

A variable commercial loan interest rate moves up and down with market interest rates. 

Fixed rate loan

Fixed rate commercial loans ensures that your interest rate remains the same throughout the fixed rate period, giving you security that the repayments will not change during this period.

Line of credit

Popular for those needing funds for renovating or investing, a limit is put in place and allows you to draw down the funds as you need it.

Lo-doc loan

Generally used by self employed borrowers, lo-doc loans require less paperwork and less financial information.

Construction loan

Construction loans allow for your builder to be paid in stages as they complete the construction. Your loan will increase accordingly.

Self-Managed Super Fund Loan (SMSF Loan)

SMSF Loans allows established SMSFs to borrow money for the purchase or refinance of commercial  properties. 

Financial advice is required for these types of loans.

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